findFn (sos package)

findFn(string, maxPages = 20)
Do a search for functions, which opens an interactive HTML page of results. The results may be sorted in a variety of ways and also link to help files for each function. The results page will automatically open in whatever application has been designated to open .html files (usually a browser is the default).
  • string – A character string to search.
  • maxPages – Maximum number of pages to return, i.e. number of links is 20*maxPages.

Example. I perform two searches below, one for stocks and one for point pattern. The stocks result is shown here and the point pattern result is here.
> #install.packages("sos")
> library(sos)
Loading required package: brew

Attaching package: ‘sos’

The following object(s) are masked from ‘package:utils’:


> findFn("stocks", 2)
found 176 matches;  retrieving 2 pages, 40 matches.
> findFn("point pattern", 2)
found 929 matches;  retrieving 2 pages, 40 matches.
If the HTML file opens in anything but a browser, e.g. a text editor, you’ll need to change the settings on your computer so that HTML files open in a browser to really make use of the findFn function. (The need to change settings will probably only occur for those who do regular web-building and so had modified file settings.)

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